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    Shimrods no memories mod download

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    Shimrods no memories mod

    Update 08/19/ patch did not modify the resource in question, so the packages fit with the patch as well. Update 01/16/ As Ivinian said, Twallan's mods work no problem on Mac (and are brilliant). You can also use Shimrod's no memories mod, if you don't want all. I do not know about Shimrod's mod. But, I do know that Twallan's Master Control Mod over at NRAAS has a function that will shut off memories.

    Thankfully there are many mods to tackle these annoyances. Sounds: Honestly the first No automatic memories (or only ones you want) by velocitygrass. Disabling No attraction calls gifts by shimrod. - Harder celebrity. Shimrod's Memories Disabled turn them off completely. This mods reduces the number of allowed memories to 0. Existing There is no real ingame purpose. 12 Dec - 22 sec - Uploaded by Linnet's How To Linnet's How To _ Remember to like and subscribe See all my videoes in playlist / categories.

    Speaking of Treeag's mods, more that I can't play without are their Auto . It was a cute idea, like the Memories, but EA sometimes adds things that end up spamming I have to try Buhudain's/Cmomoney's mod or BrntWaffles/Shimrod's mod. A bunch of mods to turn off/adjust autonomous behaviors: No Autonomous Shimrod's Memories Disabled - Turns off those stupid memories!. No having to dive through game folders, no having to replace files that may or may not cause permanent damage, the mod manager takes a. This is a modification of Shimrod's Camera Mod to include low level and no drift .. Mod The Sims - No (or fewer) automatic memories (with custom tool to make.