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    Shut uppa ya face

    10 Jul - 3 min - Uploaded by RolandPJT Shaddap you face - Joe Dolce () Shaddap you face - Joe Dolce Lyrics. RolandPJT. 25 Jan - 4 min - Uploaded by Aaron White Here we have the number one hit from Joe Dolce, Shaddap You Face, incredibly this kept. Lyrics to 'Shut Uppa You Face' by Joe Dolce: Uno, duo, tre, quatro / What's-a matter you? Hey! Gotta no respect. Hey! What-a you t'ink you do? Hey!.

    Shaddap You Face" is a song written and performed by Joe Dolce about a fictitious rebellious Italian boy. Released in late , it set a number of sales and  Sales and chart positions - Charts - Weekly charts - Year-end charts. Joseph "Joe" Dolce (born March 19, ) is an American-Australian singer/ songwriter, poet and essayist who achieved international recognition with his multi-million-selling song, "Shaddap You Face", released under the name of . Best of Little Raven, Not Shut Up (UK), Artview (UK), Voltage (USA), Tupelo Press (USA). {spoken} Hello i'ma josephe. I got something special for you ready. Uno do tre quatro. When i was a boy just abouta 8th grade. Mama used to say don't stay.

    Lyrics and video for the song Shaddup You Face by Joe Dolce - Songfacts. Shaddup a ya your face! That's a true story! Guido pollo. Annabelle from Eugene, OrI wonder if the title is a play on the words, "Shut Up Your Face"? Maybe some. So it's little surprise that when Shaddap You Face began to take off, very loose cover version by American rapper KRS-One, Shutupayouface. Shaddap You Face Lyrics: 'Allo, I'm-a Giuseppe / I got-a something special-a for you, ready? / Uno, duo, tre, quatro! / When I was a boy just about the fifth-a.