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    Electromagnetic radiation pdf

    Photon Energies. Electromagnetic radiation of frequency ν, wavelength λ, in free space obeys: λυ = c c = speed of light. Individual photons have energy: E = hν. Electromagnetic waves; Radiant energy. EMR ranges from gamma rays with very short wavelength. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is composed of sine-. Chapter 2. Electromagnetic Radiation: The Quantum Description. Chapter 3. Radiometry and Photometry. Chapter 4. Visible and Ultraviolet Radiation. Chapter 5.

    Electromagnetic Radiation. Principles. REFERENCE: Remote Sensing of the Environment. John R. Jensen (). Second Edition. Pearson Prentice Hall. To understand the key aspects of. ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION and the. ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM that most directly relate to. GLOBAL CHANGE!. Electromagnetic Radiation Models. ☆ To understand the interaction that the EMR undergoes before it reaches the sensor, we need to understand the nature of.

    Electromagnetic (EM) radiation is a form of energy propagated through free Figure A schematic view of an electromagnetic wave propagating along the z. Basic Characteristics of Electromagnetic Radiation. Brief review of EM waves, with a view towards astronomical application. From notes for MIT Physics Electromagnetic Radiation. Wendell T. Hill, III. Introduction 3. The Spectrum of Light 7. Basics of Electromagnetic Waves 8. Maxwell's. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). • is radiated by atomic particles at the source ( the Sun),. • propagates through the vacuum of space at the speed of light.